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Freshman Program 

The Freshman Institute is an organisation within the FH Aachen (Aachen University of Applied Sciences). From 2005 till 2010 the Freshman Program was a unique governmental pilot project at the Juelich Campus of FH Aachen. Since January 2010 the project has been approved by the Ministry of Higher Education of North Rhine- Westphalia.

The Freshman year is the ideal entry year for variety of Bachelor programs. Students from all over the world study in small groups in a unique intercultural environment, expanding their intellectual horizons while preparing for a future as engineers, business managers or teachers in today’s global community.

Freshman program includes two field of studies (majors) to choose:

  • Technical focus for engineering programs

  • Business focus for business administration programs

The Program is conducted in English, German or in a Bilingual Course. Upon successful completion of the Freshman in a year, the participants can apply to one of the Bachelor‘s degree programs in engineering, business, or German as a foreign language at FH Aachen or other universities. 

There are currently four accredited universities associated with the Freshman program.

    •    FH Aachen (AC)
    •    Universität Duisburg-Essen (DuE)
    •    Hochschule Rhein-Waal (RW)
    •    FH Südwestfalen (SW)

After the Bachelor‘s degree students can continue their studies in Master‘s and Ph.D. programs all over Germany or abroad. The Freshman Program starts each mid-October and ends 31st of August.

 Admission requirements:

  • Pass Freshman Entrance Test (Exams conducted at Mercator Office),

  • Graduated from A-Level, UEC or 12 years of studies from recognized school/colleges. 

  • English or German Language proficiency.

For more information about the Freshman Program, please download the brochure here or visit: or kindly contact Mercator Office.

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