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The Mercator Office forms the physical presence of the University Duisburg Essen (UDE) Germany in South East Asia's elite universities; Universitas Indonesia (UI) and Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM). Learn more here..


Mercator Science & Education offers a preparation course called MINT.
MINT is abbreviated from Mathematics, Informatics, Natural Science, and Technology.

MINT is an intensive courses to prepare High School graduates to deepen the essential level of engineering subjects and natural sciences.  This course is modularized to a high extent and consists of lectures, tutorials and homework in different disciplines. 

This duration of this course is 3 weeks involving 45 lectures and 45 tutorial units.

The MINT course consists of three sections:
a) Mathematics,
b) Physics and
c) Combination of Natural Sciences and Technology.

By the end of the course, an examination will be conducted. The MINT course is taught in English.

Terms & Conditions of Bridging Courses:
  • Conducted at Mercator Office;
  • Course participants should attend at least 80% of the total number of lessons;
  • Pass of language courses is condition for admission to studies at UDE;
  • Accommodation and living costs during preparation courses are to be paid in addition;
  • Full payment of course fee must be made upon registration of course;
  • No refund of course fees once participants have started attending lessons.
For more information, please contact Mercator Office.

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